Have you heard the news? Yesterday, we announced our partnership with Springer Nature. That link provides the details. Here I want to summarize why it matters. Both for our platform, and our users.

BenchSci uses machine learning to decode scientific papers. These papers hold critical information about the use of biological products in experiments. Traditional search engines aren’t great for finding it and interpreting it. Scientists can spend hours or days searching for information on antibodies, for example. And not all papers are public.

That’s why our partnerships with publishers are so important. They include The FASEB Journal, ASPET journals, JAMA and, now, Springer Nature.

Our partners let our machine learning technology read and decode their rich data. This adds to the knowledge it extracts from public data. Combined, this provides scientists with more comprehensive insight to choose biological products.

We’re grateful for and proud of these partnerships. And we look forward to adding more. In fact, we should have some big announcements coming soon. So stay tuned.

And watch for the incorporation of Springer Nature content this April.

Written By:
Simon Smith (he/him)