Cell and cell line products form an integral part of the experimental process by allowing scientists to study biological processes in a controlled environment. Because of their importance to research, scientists across a wide range of fields and disciplines use cell products in their work. However, finding well-characterized cell products to use in experiments can be challenging. Words like “cell” or “cultured” are found everywhere in the literature, so traditional search methods can return thousands of results. Furthermore, mislabelling or purity issues lead to unreliable results and Avoidable Experimental Expenditure. Even when a potentially useful cell product is identified, it can be difficult to determine whether it is appropriately expressing a gene of interest.

To help scientists overcome these challenges, we developed machine learning algorithms and data collection pipelines to extract information on cell product usage from the literature. We’re excited to announce that over 514,000 cell products from over 80 vendors, including 20 of the top 20 vendors are now available on our AI-Assisted Reagent Selection platform!

BenchSci Cell Products Filter


Cell products include:

  • Cell Lines
  • Primary Cells
  • Lysates
  • Hybridomas
  • Stem Cells
  • CAR-T Cells
  • Cell Panels


And can be filtered by a number of specifications such as:

  • Cell Line Name
  • Gene Expression
  • Species of Origin
  • Biosafety Level
  • Cell Type of Origin
  • Selectable Marker
  • Tissue of Origin
  • Culture Properties
  • Disease of Origin
  • Mycoplasma Tested


Use these filters to quickly locate the right cell products for your experiments from the literature and vendor catalogs. 

cell product spec filters


You can filter by your cell line of interest and further refine your search by the origins of the product. 

advanced filters


On the product page, we’ll show you more detail on the origin, morphology, and media and culturing needs as well as a link to the vendor provided datasheet for a complete view of the product.

cell products


We’ve labeled cell lines flagged by ICLAC as misidentified so you can make an informed decision when selecting cell products for your research. Additionally, the “Mycoplasma Tested” filter will help you find products tested by the vendor as being mycoplasma negative.

gene expression filter


Vendor-provided gene expression data can be found using the “Gene Expression” filter. Here you can indicate what gene you’re interested in and whether it’s overexpressed, knocked out, knocked down, or gene trapped.

We’re proud to be introducing cell products to the platform and continuing to accelerate research for scientists. We’d love to hear about what you look for when selecting cell products and how we can continue to help. Let us know in the comments below and subscribe to our blog to keep up with us!

Written By:
Tim Fung, Ph.D.