Insight into relevant gene expression profiles is invaluable for designing experiments involving cell products. During my time working in the lab, when I needed more information on a cell model I wanted to work with or was already working with, I’d have to manually search through literature or vendor catalogs, or reach out to fellow scientists. But information on specific gene expression profiles isn’t always readily available and I was often unaware of where else to look. 

Based on feedback from scientists using our technology, I’m not the only one who has struggled to find third-party cell product resources. That’s why I’m particularly excited to talk about the recent addition of gene expression databases to the BenchSci platform

Gene expression databases provide access to additional information from independent organizations on expression profiles in cell lines, such as how a gene is expressed or overexpressed in a cell model, or what mutations and diseases are associated with that expression. The more of this information that scientists have at their fingertips, the better decisions they are able to make when designing experiments, thus improving both efficacy and reproducibility. These resources are publicly accessible, however, searching for the right data within the right database for a specific experimental context can be tedious. 

We’re making it easier. Now, in addition to gene expression information provided by vendors, BenchSci’s product results pages for the 429,000 cell products on our platform will also link scientists to relevant data from one or more of the following three gene expression databases:

  • Human Protein Atlas: providing access to data on gene expression profiles of human protein-coding genes in over 60 human cell types.
  • Human Cancer Models Initiative: providing access to data on mutations and diseases associated with genes of interest, including relevant clinical information about patient-derived cell models.
  • Immunological Genome Project (ImmGen): providing access to data on expression profiles of relevant regulatory immune system genes in mouse cells. 

“With easy access to gene expression databases through BenchSci, scientists can quickly find supplementary information regarding their cell line of interest, including the gene expression profile, its history, and other details which may not be readily available elsewhere.” - Parama Talukder, Associate Product Manager at BenchSci

We’d love to hear how you’re leveraging this new feature on BenchSci to increase the speed and efficacy of your research. Let us know in the comments below, and please feel free to share your thoughts on how else we can make your BenchSci experience even better. 

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Written By:
Claudia Hung (she/her)