We are very excited to announce that BenchSci has been certified as a Great Place to Work® and has been added to the Best Workplaces™ for startups list. Our company culture and mission have always been front and center for us. It’s what drives us forward and separates us from other startup organizations. Our mission is to exponentially increase the speed and quality of life-saving research by empowering scientists with the world’s most advanced biomedical AI to run more successful experiments. Our success comes from hiring the best people, and empowering them with the tools and resources they need to be successful. Here are a few reasons why we’re a Great Place to Work:

Dedicated to learning and growth

BenchSci at its roots is a learning organization. It was founded on the concept of making information more accessible to further global scientific understanding. BenchSci continues to live this learning culture internally with its emphasis on the sharing of information, training and development, and coaching. We have regular lunch-and-learns, for example, on topics from RNAi creation, to the global response to a pandemic, to how CRISPR gene editing works. Every employee has access to a training and development allowance to support their professional growth needs. Additionally, we have partnered with Dr. Kari Sulenes, a leadership and mindfulness coach, who works closely to support and develop our people leaders.

Focused on mental and physical wellness

We’ve focused our efforts on providing perks that are centred around mental and physical wellness. In the physical space we’ve launched a partnership with Medcan, and have provided their annual executive health assessment to our entire team. In addition, we’ve given all employees complimentary access to 23andMe’s genetic ancestry and health insights. By arming our team with deep knowledge about their own health, we can ensure they have all the tools they need to stay active and healthy. To develop everyone's mental health capacities, Dr. Kari Sulenes has also been providing mindfulness training sessions, and one-on-one sessions for team members who want them. Both of these partnerships are a huge part of what makes BenchSci an amazing workplace.

Letting people manage their time flexibly

We also support our team by offering a generous time off policy and flexible hours. We have dedicated core hours where we focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing and empower our employees to manage their own schedules outside this time. With COVID-19, we’ve seen the added strain on families and caregivers and have continued to make changes to our flexible work policy to better support them.

Well funded and continuing to grow

We’re very fortunate to have been able to secure B-round funding late last year, which has given us the ability to continue with our hiring goals during these challenging times. If you or someone you know is looking for their next opportunity to not only join an amazing team but grow their career, check out our current list of openings.


At the end of the day, our people are what sets us apart. We have consistently received best-in-class engagement survey results internally, and Great Place to Work has given us the opportunity to celebrate what we’ve known all along: that BenchSci is truly a great place to work.


Written By:
Roald Harvey (he/him)

Perks Culture