We are proud to share that BenchSci is being recognized as a 2024 Best Workplaces™ for Women for the second year in a row through Great Place to Work Canada!

At BenchSci, we invest heavily in building a culture we can be proud of—one where every team member can feel supported to do the best work of their lives. As part of our commitment to our people, we continue implementing new programs, benefits, and initiatives that support a work environment where women feel respected, valued, and included.

This month also marks the third anniversary of BenchShe+, our organization’s first Employee Resource Group (ERG). BenchShe+, which focuses on women-identifying BenchSciers, has been instrumental in laying the foundation for ERGs at BenchSci, fostering a supportive community, facilitating brave conversations, and collaborating with other ERGs to drive systemic change across the organization. 

To celebrate this recognition, we asked a few (of the many) women who’ve helped shape our culture as we know it to share their experiences working at BenchSci.

From your perspective, what programs, benefits, or initiatives at BenchSci help promote an inclusive workplace culture where women feel respected, valued, and included?

“I appreciate the level of care that BenchSci and our Talent team have put into benefit programs that can disproportionately impact women as often primary caretakers. BenchSci has a generous parental leave policy in place for birth parents, adoptive parents, parents welcoming a child via surrogacy, and non-birth parents. BenchSci also has a generous time off policy and offers flexibility that can really benefit women as caretakers to be able to manage family needs and have a growing career.” Celine Martin, Senior Manager, People Operations (1 year, eight months at BenchSci)

Can you share how you’ve interacted with BenchShe+ and how it has shaped your time at BenchSci?

“I especially enjoy BenchShe+ Cafes—a monthly discussion group for women to share stories and offer support. It's great to hear others' stories and experiences. And I enjoy sharing some of my many years of life experience to help others. This is also a great way to connect with other women in the company since we are a remote-first company.” Bonnie Kershaw, Accounts Payable Specialist (1 year and four months at BenchSci)

“BenchShe+ is a big part of building a culture at BenchSci where women feel valued. Upon joining BenchSci nearly two years ago, I was extremely excited to learn that this community existed and jumped at the chance to join in on the Slack conversation. Since then, I have loved learning from the shared experiences of others in the group, seeing the leaders advocate for women in the workplace, and keeping myself informed about topics that impact women. It feels like a truly safe space for women at BenchSci. I also appreciate that BenchShe+ is valued at the highest levels of BenchSci leadership, with an extremely active executive sponsor that advocates for the needs of the group.” Celine Martin, Senior Manager, People Operations (1 year, eight months at BenchSci)

Throughout your journey at BenchSci, how have your interactions with sponsors, mentors, or peers influenced your professional growth? 

“It has been nice having two women senior leaders working above me, whom I've had a chance to work with. Elizabeth and Yan are both leaders that I look up to. They have supported me and given me words of encouragement when needed. I feel seen and recognized by them, and having direct role models who are women greatly influences me because I feel they have walked in the footsteps I'm following behind. It helps me better envision what my future will look like one day. I think that's really awesome and unique in engineering.” Teyden Nguyen, Senior Software Engineer 2 (2 years, 10 months at BenchSci)

“In the beginning, when I first started at Benchsci, I had "imposter syndrome". Mainly because I was never truly appreciated or recognized for my contribution to the business at my prior place of employment. During this past year, I can finally say I very rarely have that feeling anymore due to the positive reinforcement from my co-workers and peers. I feel like my contributions are making an impact.” Bonnie Kershaw, Accounts Payable Specialist (1 year and four months at BenchSci)

“Our team has undergone a lot of change over the course of the last year. It can be hard! But I always know that if I need to bounce something off a fellow SEM, everyone will make time and give me their all! I'm so lucky to have this team. My squad is also so incredibly close, and we have worked very hard to build a flowing, subject-matter-focused working model that allows us to have more impact while doing what we do best. I know my squad always has my back, will always do what's best for our client and our company, and acts with integrity without exception. I love my teams!” Heather Jeffrey, Sr. Strategic Engagement Manager (1 year and four months at BenchSci)

What has been your professional growth experience since working at BenchSci? 

“Joining BenchSci has had a great impact on my career growth! Apart from the annual L&D budget, there are a few other things that have helped me feel supported in my work here. First, we're exposed to the entire company code base compared to my previous company, where I was limited to the small portion that I was working on. This has been really helpful in broadening my knowledge of different domains. Secondly, the team is incredibly kind, professional, and responsive, which makes it easy to ask for help. Lastly, the recently launched mentorship program in engineering is a clear example of the company prioritizing the growth of its people." Ning An, Software Engineer (1 year and three months at BenchSci)

“Working at BenchSci has given me a ton of opportunity to grow professionally. Working in a scale-up and people-focused company, I have been given a tremendous amount of opportunity to stretch into new professional spaces that I have always been passionate about and learn and grow from great mentors who nurture and challenge me.“ Celine Martin, Senior Manager, People Operations (1 year, eight months at BenchSci)

“​​I've had awesome opportunities at BenchSci. In the early days, when I was more junior, it didn't feel the easiest to feel heard or seen, but with time, this changed as I grew in my role, and many more opportunities opened up. I feel like there is flexibility in trying new things if I want to pursue them. It is nice to have a good support environment with folks who acknowledge your capabilities and want to see you continue to grow. I'm happy that I can have more influence over others through mentorship opportunities to help upskill others with technical and non-technical skills.” Teyden Nguyen, Senior Software Engineer 2 (2 years, 10 months at BenchSci)

Written By:
Shelby Reaburn (she/her)