One of the most popular blog posts on our site describes startups using artificial intelligence in drug discovery. Beyond blog post visits, we know from experience that there's tremendous interest amongst scientists in applying machine learning to biomedical research.

But while we have a lot of qualitative insight from our many conversations, we don't have the quantitative data that we, and the broader scientific community, might find useful in understanding awareness, attitudes, and adoption of the technology.

To address this, we're proud to announce today the launch of a new survey with The Science Advisory Board, a community of scientific and medical experts who gather to ask and answer important research questions. If you're a researcher, you can join The Science Advisory board to share your insights. But for this survey, we have also made a public link available for anyone to provide their thoughts:

Take the Survey What do you think about artificial intelligence in drug  discovery? Provide your thoughts and feedback on awareness, attitudes, and use  in biomedical research. Start Survey

Written By:
Simon Smith (he/him)